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A Truly Technical Company Offering Resourcing Solution
Recruiting for IT professionals can be a costly and risky exercise. Filling management, high-level, mid-level, and junior-level technical specialist roles, such as Business Analyst, Systems Analyst, Developers, Domain Specialist, Support Managers, Change Managers, and Project Managers, requires knowledge, understanding and a degree of sensitivity. Employing such professionals is a serious investment, and one that can’t afford to go wrong – roles at this level can make a significant impact on business and IT department in particular. Limiting your options on hit-or-miss with contingency-based recruiters who are generally sales people and not knowledgeable about IT Recruitment or who may be committing two- thirds of the fee up-front in retainers with ‘search & select’ firms that provide no guarantee of successfully filling the position.

However, there is a better way of addressing this and you may consider the advantages of recruiting through a technical company on a low-risk basis; utilising peers and managers who are familiar with the needs of such roles and share your view, backed up by a rigorous selection process and a strong track record in the IT consulting, support, resource augmentation and recruitment industries.

Specialist Service with a focus
Over the period our technical knowledge not only allows us to understand your resourcing requirements, but also forms the foundation of our qualification process. We utilise our technical staff during the assessment process as they are at peer or managerial level in relation to candidates, and well equipped to judge their suitability for your requirements. They understand the importance of matching the right talent to the right position and have the ability to assess the combination of skills you require, whether they be particular management styles or experience, or complex IT skills within specialised areas.

Making Our Credentials – Your Strength
Ubique is a specialist IT services company with over 6 years of experience in the provision of on-site IT development, support and project-based consultancy for functions such as consulting, BPO, IT services, helpdesks and service management, etc. This technical expertise and understanding enables us to offer an unrivalled service for locating and filtering IT professionals as it may be required by our clients.

How do we make it happen
Upon receipt of your job specifications and role profile, one of our recruitment consultant will meet with your representative to discuss your precise needs, encompassing managerial experience, technical background and people skills. As we provide this as a specialist service, we can liaise with HR, as well as with IT, to map the skill set required for the position, ensuring that the requirements of the role are met for both the organisation and the IT department. Prospective candidates will undergo a face-to-face screening and assessment by our experienced technical consultants, who’ll validate the suitability of the candidates in relation to your role. Based on this you’ll receive a report analysing the candidates’ skill level, strengths, and suitability for the position. This will provide you with exactly how they’re rated by our industry professionals and why.

At this stage your team will be in a better position to screen to finalise their suitability as per their specific requirement. Due to our pre screening we are confident that the selection ratio will be much better and realistic. Our search service offers the best features of ‘search and select’, but with the additional unique benefit of specialised industry assessment, and all within a much more reasonable price-structure than traditional agencies.

Benefits to you
Low Risk :
Unlike pure recruitment company and other ‘search and select’ services that provide a similar services and may require a large fee up front, but don’t always find a suitable candidate, we really do deliver. With Ubique, we reduce cost by charging as per our agreed terms and offering flexible payment options. Based on long term relationship, we would always be more than willing to work around your requirement rather than a defined process restricting our services across various business units within your setup.
Quality of Candidates :
By virtue of utilising technical consultants in the whole process of selection and recruitment ensures that candidates satisfy your stated requirements. And with over 6 years of Ubique’s track record in the IT industry, we not only provide a service that is not readily available anywhere else, but that’s as effective as filtering the candidates yourself – and without the headaches or demands on your time.
No Exclusivity :
At whatever level we associate we don't insist on exclusivity, so you won't feel locked in, or limited to one provider. We would always like to demonstrate our capability and are quite confident that your business will appreciate the services they receive through us.